Currently on art: Q2 2020 stats, Prose-ject 2020 and the end of Suntuubi

This is the first Currently on art update that I've written on WordPress. If you have been following me on DeviantArt, you know that I'm migrating away from there due to its new UI, Eclipse, due to reasons including poorly handled literature and heavy eye strain (I think I will never figure out how exactly they managed to pull that off when I have literally never had eye strain at my computer).

Prose-ject 2020 29: A Departing Scout

Jeff was leaving on a scouting round again. He said that he had seen an interesting new building which we might be able to blow up if we got close enough. While it certainly was a provocation to the invaders, with all the known underground sanctuaries already either destroyed or flooded until they were underwater, we were safe. It would definitely send a message: We may hide, but we are not defenseless. You are not welcome here.