As an Information Technology student, I do software both for my courses and as a hobby. Most of the projects on this page are available on GitHub:

Video games

The portfolio page for the video games I have made.


The TIMTra project added the functionality for using machine translators in the TIM system in spring 2022. I was responsible for the user interface’s side of development.

Story Statistics

Story Statistics (Finnish: Tarinatilasto) is a practical work I did with my boyfriend on our Programming 2 course using Java and JavaFX during the spring semester of 2019. Like the rest of the practical works for the same course, it is modeled after the example, a club register.

HTML widgets

In 2019, I got into making statistics out of how my art, especially writing projects, progresses and make infographs about them with HTML and CSS.


Bananawriter is a small command line application that, by default, writes 55 bananas if merely told to write. It can also do other things with words! It was made mostly in August 2020 (although it was finished and released on April Fool’s Day 2021) with Java and a library that helped with the command structure; it’s actually based on a weekly exercise that needed to be done during my Programming 2 course.

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