Flash Fiction Month Collections

Aside from Greenfield books, I’m going to publish flash fiction collections made of stories I’ve written during Flash Fiction Months (read more here). Since they are being finished and released before the first Greenfield book will be ready, they are my debuting books. They will initially be published only as free ebooks, but physical versions will be made someday (hopefully during the decade of 2020).

You can see the already released collections here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/byseries/49754

Already released collections:

Modern Problem cover art

Modern Problem

A mismash of stories from FFM 2015, the Flash Prompt challenges between 2016 and 2018 and the Flash Fiction Days of 2016, 2018 and 2019, Modern Problem is the sort of messy beginning of the FFM collection series that my array of stories was back in 2015. It’s not much and it will definitely be outshone by the following entries in the series, but it’s where it all started and deserves to be out there by their side.

The Person At The Door

A far more coherent collection of stories than its predecessor, The Person At The Door collects the 27 non-fanfiction stories out of the 32 stories written during FFM 2016. In addition to using each of the daily one-word prompts, it features challenges too long to be included in full on the story page.

The One With Delirium cover art

The One With Delirium

The One With Delirium collects 27 stories out of the 34 written during FFM 2017 all the while while using all the optional themes of the month. Like its predecessor, it also features too-long challenge descriptions that require an Addemdum section.

Future collections:

FFM 2018

  • I have the name decided. Will be published during summer 2021 (hopefully).

FFM 2019

  • Multiple name options. The name will be decided after year 2018’s collection has been published.

FFM 2020

  • Far too many name options. The name will be decided after 2019’s collection has been published.