Flash Fiction Month Collections

Aside from Greenfield books, I’m going to publish flash fiction collections made of stories I’ve written during Flash Fiction Months (read more here). If things go as planned, these will come before the first Greenfield book will be ready, so they will be my debuting books. The FFM collections so far will be these:

FFM 2015 + Flash Prompts until FFM 2018 (Flash Prompts included here because a huge portion of FFM 2015 stories are fanfictions and must be left out): Modern Problem

  • Cover art needs to be done, planning to publish this during 2019 if things go well this time. I need to figure out the bureaucratic details before I can even plan a release of the physical version around the same time as the digital one.

FFM 2016

  • Two name options (will be decided either by me or a poll on Twitter). Hopefully it will be be published potentially late 2019, depending on what happens with Modern Problem.

FFM 2017

  • Two name options (will be decided either by me or a poll on Twitter). It might be published in the first half of 2020 after FFM 2016 collection if there are no further delays.

FFM 2018

  • I think I have the name decided. The stories are currently being revised. Will be published after FFM17 collection has been published, so if plans go right this time, it’ll be sometime later in 2020.

FFM 2019

  • Stories are written. The name choices are yet to be checked.
  • To be revised in 2019.