Flash Fiction

I’ve written flash fictions ever since June 2015, which was when I participated in a Flash Fiction Contest on DeviantArt in preparation for the main thing which caused me to find my way to the world of flashfics: Flash Fiction Month, FFM for short. While I occasionally write random flash fiction, even now that I have started taking part in other month-long flash fiction challenges (namely Prose-ject and Tribble Month) FFM stories make up most of my flash fiction catalogue.

Between FFM 2016 and FFM 2018, we had Flash Prompts, monthly flash fiction challenges to keep the rust away from the flash ficcing skills of the FFM folk. After FFM 2017, the duration of Flash Prompts was extended to one in two months, giving the busiest of flashers more time to join these challenges. However, Flash Prompts have not made a return after FFM 2018.

Inspired by fellow FFMers such as Damon L. Wakes and G. Deyke, I’m creating my own FFM collections. The fanfictions among the FFM stories I will, however, leave out to avoid copyright issues.

You can read more about my plans for my FFM collections here.

As for my other flash fiction stories, there are fewer ones there, mostly ones written for contests or challenges. Most of the recent ones are from Prose-ject 2019 and 2020, in which we have to write an at least 250-word story each day of June using at least one of the three given prompts of the day, and Tribble Month, which was first organized in September 2019 and had a 50-300 word range. Many of the flash fictions outside of those events, on the other hand, are for one big contest: The Gauntlet, an insane with nine challenges, starting from normal ones and escalating into pure insanity.

There is a strange allure in those insane challenges, so I do not regret taking on them.