Well, Well, Well

Well, Well, Well is an interactive fiction game my friend nofuu and I made for the game jam Game Jam for the Junior Devs in July 2021. The theme was Underwater. nofuu made the artwork and a part of the code, while I handled writing, audio, level design and the rest of the programming.

In the game, you end up into a well and must navigate through underwater tunnels to get out without running out of oxygen. In addition to an oxygen meter, it also features an inventory – which is unlocked when you find an item – and randomization when it comes to area descriptions and the items you can find. While locations are fixed, it’s likely that you won’t get all the same texts and items if you take the same route on two different playthroughs!

You can play the game on itch.io: https://nofuu.itch.io/well-well-well