Linux Gaming is Easier Than You Thought

A pie chart of how likely the games are to work on Linux

Damon L. Wakes

Every year Jingle Jam offers up a great selection of games as a reward for donating to the charity of your choice. I’m afraid it’s too late to jump on board for 2021 – I only heard about it at the last minute myself – but while redeeming my own 50-or-so Steam keys, I noticed something that I think it’s worth exploring even now the event is over:

Chances are you know me for my bestselling flash fiction anthologies, my novella about astronaut murder, or the game I made that uses real bananas as controllers so…

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Currently on art: …not much

About a month ago, I talked about how my timetables were a mess and I was scraping by with the deadlines. I also hoped that by either this or the next statistics post (which will be at the end of the year) I can look back on that post and say that things turned out all right. Well, can I say it now?