Other flash fiction collections

While my Flash Fiction Month stories make up most of my flash fiction stories, FFM is not the only writing event I have taken part in. This assortment of collections forms the rest of my flash fiction pieces that I have deemed publishable.

The Journey's End cover art.

The Journey’s End

The Journey’s End collects the 60 stories from Prose-ject 2019 and Prose-ject 2020 and 3 stories from Flash Lit February 2019 and Flash Lit February 2020. It’s my definitive Prose-ject collection that I do not expect a follow-up to. If I had to name something I’m especially proud of with it, it would be the cover art that certainly sets it apart from the less elegant Flash Fiction Month covers.

Future collections:

Tribble Month 2020

Will be worked on once the Prose-ject collection is done. Right now, the estimate for the release date is the latter half of 2022.

Tribble Month 2021

Will be worked on once the TM 2020 collection is done. Right now, the estimate for the release date is probably very late 2022.

The Gauntlet 2017-2021 collection

This will be the focus after the TM 2021 collection is done unless Gauntlet 202? is near or ongoing.

An assorted collection

This will collect standalone stories, potentially also some that are not flash-fiction-length, from 2016 to the present day, and stories from smaller events. When will this be done? I don’t know. I suspect that with studies, an FFM or two, potentially at least one Tribble Month and a Gauntlet and who knows what else taking up my time between releasing my FFM 2021 collection and this, the release date for this is probably late 2023 at the earliest.