Project Moonshot

Project Moonshot Cover

Project Moonshot is a Unity-made walking simulator for the first game jam I took part in, Game Off 2020. The theme was Moonshot, and it led to me using it in several ways: an ambitious game project, an ambitious project in the game’s world and the moon as the setting.

In the game, you wake up all alone in a strange facility. As you pick up a tablet meant for scanning and  saving texts, you set out to explore and try to figure out where you are, who you are, what you are and why the facility is deserted but operational. What is this Project Moonshot that the facility appears to have been created for?

Unfortunately, in the middle of the month of Game Off, life happened, took my project time and ran with it, forcing me to rush this over-ambitious project during the last weekend to get at least something released. The result was a duct-taped prototype with 4 out of 16 data files unfunctional for some unknown reason, an unfinished facility and an inventory interface that doesn’t show all of the text, sometimes not even when you move it to the most optimal spot on the screen.

I am planning to work on this project after Game Off, though, so there will be more to what is currently a barely serviceable mess.

You can download the game here:

The GitHub repository: