Bad Feather Day

Bad Feather Day cover image by Noora Kemppainen

Featured image is the game’s cover image on, made by the game’s graphic artist Noora Kemppainen.

Bad Feather Day is a short low poly third person adventure platformer game made with Unity during the first half of 2021 for Jyväskylä University’s Game Project course. Unlike my other game projects so far, it was made by a proper team – a group of seven students students who took part in the course at the same time and opted to name the team The Quarantined – meaning that I could focus on my own role: programming.

In Bad Feather Day, you play as a bird with hands. Using the hands, you have to survive to the end of the game by punching and throwing bananas all the while you collect three keys in order to go against and defeat the final boss.

In addition to doing my part of the C# scripts, I also provided some voice acting, made one small animation and worked on making sure that the UI elements are anchored and placed correctly so that the elements will not overlap or be outside of the canvas on different aspect rations.

You can download the game here: