N. WS. Jokela, more commonly known as WindySilver, is a Finnish IT student and a hobbyist artist fighting a war against procrastination on the losing side. When her free time is not taken up by things like reading, procrastination, video games, watching series or more procrastination, she mainly writes sci-fi fanfiction and original flash fiction of various genres. While she dabbles in a lot of things ranging from digital art to jewelry to plants to whatever catches her interest, writing is her persistent forte.

You should not give her yet another crazy flash fiction challenge to take part in because she simply cannot say “no” to it.

Welcome to my page! This is my primary site of operations at the moment, partly because I haven’t fully migrated off DeviantArt yet and am between platforms; new original fiction is posted here until further notice. Aside from that, this website also serves as a place which informs visitors about what I do and where to find my work and hosts my portfolio.

The most active places where you can find me at the moment are DeviantArt, Archive of Our Own and Goodreads.

You can read more on where else to find me on the page Where to find me?