Hello everyone! Welcome to my page!

I’m WindySilver, a Finnish IT student who does art, both visual and written, as a hobby. Read more about me here.

The original purpose of this site was to host my visual arts course’s course diary, but nowadays, as the course is far in the past, I’ve turned this website into my author/artist/game developer page for the future as I will progress in life and become what I aspire to be.

Right now, this is not my primary site of operations and instead serves as a place which informs visitors about what I do and where to find my work. My art as whole resides on DeviantArt where I began my time as an artist online. That’s my current main site and the place where you can reach me the best. The second-best way you can reach me is through FanFiction.Net.

Where can you find me?

DeviantArt: My main site of use. This is where you can find all my art, even though finding the visual bits can be a bit difficult among all the literature. I use DA every day so this is where you can reach me the easiest and fastest.

Twitter: My Twitter account. After being under a shadowban and having timeline flooding with tweets, I’ve grown tired of using it. I occasionally check the messages, but I’ve grown inactive there, mostly just liking tweets through my phone’s notifications every now and then. Please contact me elsewhere unless you absolutely have to use Twitter instead of anything else listed here. My account has mostly just retweeted stuff with few tweets of mine (if you want to see my random updates, follow my status updates on DeviantArt). Right now, there isn’t anything big to announce on the art side (and I usually forget to tweet about my new art anyway), so you’re better off following me via DeviantArt. I’ve managed to get WordPress posts’ tweets automated, but nothing else.

Steam: One of the PC game services I’m in with the same name, alongside GOG, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net, Itch.io and Game Jolt. Due to the vastest game selection and the most of the community things I use, this is where I mostly play games at. I accept friend requests only from people I know, so if you want to send me a friend request there, please give me a heads-up before that!

FanFiction.Net: Managing multi-chapter stories on DeviantArt is difficult to say the least. Therefore, I went to FanFiction.Net to post my fanfictions in a more controllable multi-chapter interface to have the chapters together without crowding the whole gallery with just one story. As I get email notifications of private messages, this is the second-best place where you can reach me. Since most of my stories are in need of revising, I post my stories there very irregularly.

Youtube: This is where I’ve put my videos. At this point, the only videos are videos of my programming course’s practical work, Three Undone, which I will (hopefully) turn into a bigger game someday when I manage to learn to use Unity among other things, speedpaints (some of which are still not uploaded because they are big videos and need me to do a voiceover there), a screen capture video for a university course and a Dark Souls video. I’m going to make some Let’s Play videos someday, but for now I haven’t been able to get started due to lack of time. I even need to make an introductiory video for the whole channel. All that will probably come, when I just manage to get it done.

Twitch: I was planning to start streaming here, but then a tech talk show (WAN show of Linus Tech Tips if you’re interested) got banned for 24 hours without any reason given and no ways for them to log onto their account to deal with the issue. On their first offense, which also was most certainly a false claim. That put me off, so I’m searching for alternatives. Mixer‘s Terms of Service regarding User Content is very dubious to me (or at least was when I checked it out), so that’s out of question unless it gets improved. Unless I get a recommendation, I will try Youtube‘s streaming and see if it’s any good. I’ve been hearing that it’s bad, so I might have to search for something else, but I need to start somewhere.

Reddit: My Reddit account with not much going on. It’s merely part of the PC Master Race subreddit. I occasionally host giveaways there to get rid of unwanted Steam game keys I’ve gotten on bundles of Humble Bundle.

Smashwords: My small account which I made to get some books which were on 100 % discount. No books to be published yet, so nothing to see there for now.

Wattpad: My account I set up to read stories there. I probably won’t post my stories there.. The windysilver handle was already taken, so I had to put a _ there to be able to make an account just like with Twitter.

Tumblr: My Tumblr blog which has been abandoned and inactive for ages. I haven’t shut it down at least yet, so it’s still there. I’ve been considering killing it, but so far I haven’t done it yet.

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