Story Statistics

Story Statistics (Finnish: Tarinatilasto) is a practical work I did with my boyfriend on our Programming 2 course using Java and JavaFX during the spring semester of 2019. Like the rest of the practical works for the same course, it is modeled after the example, a club register.

Unlike the example, however, Story Statistics is made for data on stories, their series and parts, as per my need to get information on my tens upon tens of pieces of flash fiction and fanfiction chapters alike neatly into one place where I can easily view, add to and edit it.

Story Statistics was originally created in Finnish only under the name Tarinatilasto, but after cleaning it for release for other users, I have created a version with an English UI for non-Finnish users.

In order to run Story Statistics, you need to have JavaFX installed on your system.

For the source code and downloads, head to the GitHub repository:

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