Holographic Familiar

Written during Flash Fiction Month 2019, using the flashback prompt from SurrealCachinnation (from year 2012): Nightmares during daydreams.

It felt like I had seen it before, like a nightmare during a daydream long gone. The hologram stared into my eyes like a ferocious beast, hunger in its eyes. Had it been a real being and not a hologram, I might have soiled my suit. Even now, when it was a mere hologram, I was terrified, an ancient “fight or flight” mechanism activating deep within my brains.

It felt familiar, as if I’d seen it before, even though I was sure I had never encountered this hologram in the colony ship before.

It walked closer to me, like a beast trying to smell me. The feeling of familiarity was intense and, knowing that the hologram could not hurt me, I reached out to touch the creature’s head.

When I came into contact with it, I heard a voice say, I knew you would come here someday.

I always knew.

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