Where to find me?

These are the places where you can reach me in addition to some places where I have an account but which are in use that much. There are a lot of accounts not listed because they’re not important.

In use

DeviantArt: My main site of use when it comes to my art hobby. This is where you can find all my art prior to 20th May, 2020 which is when I started my migration off the site. Due to my ties with the community, I visit DA at least twice a week, so I can be reached via a Note (which you should use if you want my attention as soon as I visit DA the next time).

Goodreads: I’m using Goodreads to keep track of what books I’m reading and what I have on my TBR list. I’m not familiar with its messaging system but since I have the app on my phone, this might be where you can reach me the fastest.

Archive of Our Own: I made an account on AO3 to bookmark and comment stories that I like. Now, I’m posting those of my stories that need AO3’s series structure to stay organized there.

FanFiction.Net: Managing multi-chapter stories on DeviantArt is difficult to say the least. Therefore, I went to FanFiction.Net to post my fanfictions in a more controllable multi-chapter interface to have the chapters together without crowding the whole gallery with just one story. As most of my stories are in need of revising, I post my stories there very irregularly. FFN no longer sends email notifications about private messages, so I try to check my inbox every Sunday, so I’m not very reachable there.

GitHub: I’ve put my HTML widgets and some programming projects there (although some are in private repositories).

Steam: One of the PC game services I’m in with the same name, alongside GOG, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net, Itch.io and Game Jolt. Due to the vastest game selection and the most of the community things I use, this is where I mostly play games at. I accept friend requests only from people I know, so if you want to send me a friend request there, please give me a heads-up before that!

Not so used

YouTube: This is where I post my videos. At the moment, the only videos are videos of my programming course’s practical work, Three Undone, speedpaints (some of which also have my amateur podcasts included), a screen capture video for a university course and a Dark Souls video. I’m planning to make some Let’s Play videos someday, but so far I haven’t been able to get started due to courses taking most of my free time.

Reddit: My Reddit account with not much going on. I occasionally host giveaways there to get rid of unwanted Steam game keys I’ve gotten on bundles of Humble Bundle. I’ve deleted the app from my phone to cut my time on social media, so I’m not too reachable there.

Smashwords: My small account which I made to get some books which were on 100% discount. No books to be published yet, so nothing to see there for now.

Twitter: My Twitter account. Currently completely inactive aside from automated tweets because I deleted the app from my phone to get more space and decided not to redownload it when I no longer needed the freed space.

Not in use

Wattpad: My account I set up to read stories there. I probably won’t post my stories there.

Tumblr: My Tumblr blog which has been abandoned and inactive for ages. I haven’t shut it down yet, so it’s still there. I’m thinking about getting rid of it, though.