Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales is Ren’Py-made visual novel my friend nofuu (who did the artwork) and I made for O2A2 (Again!) – A Visual Novel Jam in July 2021. While the theme was free to choose, these were the restrictions: only up to 1000 words and up to one of each of these: sprite, one background (or one illustration in place of the two former), one audio track, one sound effect, one voice actor, one piece of menu background art. You could also be the creative lead in only one project. Like with Well, Well, Well, nofuu handled the artwork while I did the writing, audio and programming (this time all of it).

In this visual novel, you get to choose one of three campfire tales that grandma Elaine can tell you: a ghost story, a garlic bread story and a dragon story. In addition to the three short stories and nofuu’s lovely artwork, a major aspect of the game is the asexual representation.

You can download the game for free here: