Dragon Warrior

Written during Prose-ject 2019, using the visual prompt Light of Lyvaanth – Dead of Winter by Forest-Walker.

She was a warrior, one of a kind. Strong, brave and fierce unlike any other. Her fierceness eventually earned her the title Dragon Warrior, for the only ones who rivalled her in that were the archdragons themselves.

Little did I know that when I got together with her, I would find out that there was more than met the eye in that very title she carried so proudly with her head held as high as the Dragon Peaks themselves.

In hindsight, her innate proficiency at fire magic should have given it away. I guess everyone just turned a blind eye on it, saying it was just a random proficiency. After all, she was among the most honorable of our warriors and she, oh, she defended her pride like she defended the royal family. There was no person who challenged her and prevailed.

This warrior, Veriwia was her name, rose in ranks and became the captain of the royal guard. Through that, we became close, fell in love even, and as sorceress Friat, my best friend since childhood, turned down the marriage proposal after defeating sorceress Ociraviel in a duel for my marriage, we got together. We were, after all, in love, while Friat and I were best friends, nothing more, nothing less.

Then came the day when a group of assassins tried to take my life and I saw just why Veriwia loved her title so much.

In the forest where the assassination attempt took place was a fire that day and the townspeople witnessed a pale dragon carry me to safety, then disappear into the castle.

That was how I found out I was dating a dragon.

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