Fanfiction projects are my biggest writing projects. They are also numerous, although some projects have already met their ends (although currently all of them to discontinuation).

All links lead to the places where the projects have been last updated. For projects I’m no longer working on, it’s DeviantArt, while everything else except Exceptional Jedi it’s Archive Of Our Own. The Exceptional Jedi link leads to this website’s timeline compilation, which has links to both DeviantArt and FanFiction.Net.

If you want to check out the list of up-to-date links of all of my projects, check this page: Project links

Ongoing projects


Transformers Prime AU: The Fate’s Way

In a universe alternate to that of the series Transformers Prime, Alyssa Rinne is but a normal 14-year-old, studying and spending time with her friends. However, fate has another way for her, and as she and her parents end up kidnapped by Decepticons, she finds herself joining the ancient war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. What else will fate throw in her way as she puts her human knowledge and computer skills to use to help the Autobots?

Code Lyoko

Lyokostar series

Lyokostar is my first, and thus the oldest, story series I’ve ever written. I started it in my native language, Finnish when I was 11, and while it has faced a lot of changes, such as the re-writing of Lyokostar 1 which is undergoing more changes during the translation to English, the series is still alive, although currently on hiatus both in terms of translation and completely new content. The second series of stories, Lyokostar 2, set about 20 years after Lyokostar 1, has been completed, while Lyokostar 3, a different type of series, has been started after wrapping up Lyokostar 2 but is on hiatus until further notice.

The story begins two months after defeating X.A.N.A. in the end of Code Lyoko. The Lyoko Warriors get a message from the re-awakened X.A.N.A., which quickly proceeds to possess William and returns to Lyoko only to face a girl named Mary Wind, a childhood friend of William’s who disappeared years ago. While Mary, trained by X.A.N.A. itself, fails to free her friend, after years of hiding she joins the Lyoko Warriors to stop X.A.N.A. for good. But while the fight continues, everyone is put to a test. Are they up to defeating the AI which grows more powerful all the time?

Due to spoilery reasons, I have taken down the descriptions of Lyokostar 2 and Lyokostar 3 until further notice. They are safe, but will be hidden until they have gotten their proper beginnings.

The structure changes between the series. The first stories of Lyokostar 1 have short parts, while they (at least hopefully) do get longer when the end comes closer. It’s formed by 12 core stories, 12 Megastar oneshots which tell something about Mary’s past behind the scenes of Code Lyoko, while after every section of 3 stories, there is a oneshot named Altestar, a story from life between the sections.

Lyokostar 2, however, has just 12 stories which did, as the end got closer, become longer and longer as previously unplanned and unexpected turns of events caught the writer and joined the typing which formed the stories.

Lyokostar 3 is an anomaly. As of now, while it does hold a couple of stories written for FFM 2017 and more oneshots written in Finnish, it won’t hold at least many longer stories, just interconnected oneshots. Or maybe there will be multi-chapter stories, I don’t know yet. It’s an anomaly that will be explored once Lyokostar 2 has been translated to English, which, on the other hand, won’t happen before I’ve translated Lyokostar 1 into English and deemed it finished.

While Lyokostar has had its bad moments and horrible writing from the early years of writing, it has improved as it has been re-written in a later years, and frankly, it has become the story I’ve become most fond of, and some of its characters are my favourites among all my characters.


A Wandering Aura

A Wandering Aura is the rehashed version of my initially planned Pokémon fanfiction project, The Adventurer Girl’s Journey. It is the story of Samayora Yasrin, a Trainer who can use aura and understand the Pokémon language, and her partner, Emerald. As they travel across the world, learning more of the Pokémon around them and making new friends while battling the regional Pokémon Leagues, they meet and battle many kinds of Trainers and villains, not to mention have encounters and alliances they will remember for good.

The story mainly follows the games’ story (although the chronological order is different) with incorporating some anime elements especially into worldbuilding, although since Samayora works alongside the canon protagonists and rivals, some canon divergence does happen.

Unlike my other fanfics, this one is posted only to Archive of Our Own. Because of time constraints and personal interests, the first chapter that gets written is the fifth one, Black & White. The chapters before it will be written as epistolary stories, while the BW chapter is partially in epistolary format, partially in 3rd person narration.

Each Chapter is divided into Acts, one for each month of traveling. In the BW Chapter, these Acts are divided into Parts, one for each area. Some Parts have multiple entries, in which case the entries are numbered.

Persona 5 Royal

Navigator’s Glove

Navigator’s Glove is a New Game+ fanfic where the Persona 5 protagonist, Akira Kurusu, wakes up at the beginning of the game’s story with most of his memories of the original timeline locked away. As he starts his journey anew, he finds himself surrounded by deja vus and in possession of a selection of items he does not recognize but feels are important – most importantly a (possessed) black glove that appears to have been putpocketed on him during his nap on the train to Tokyo.

Unlike my other fanfic projects, I’m working on Navigator’s Glove with the intention of first writing the first draft and editing it before starting to release chapters. Hence, there is no link to it (for now).

Discontinued projects

Code Lyoko

Swordswoman of Shadows duology

Have you ever truly paid attention to the reason why William Dunbar got kicked out from his last school? He put love letters everywhere around the school, yes. But have you ever thought about this love interest he wrote those letters to? Who was she? And what if there was an alternate universe where William would not get Xanafied and destroy the heart of Lyoko on his first mission? What would that be like?

Swordswoman of Shadows duology has an answer to both of those questions, as it explores this alternate universe. The girl from William’s past is Cassandra Delorien, a victim of domestic violence who is into swordplay and swords in general. She was brought to Lyoko by X.A.N.A. to become the general of the AI’s army, a path she abandoned after learning everything she could. After deserting her master, she disappeared into the shadows of Lyoko to be a neutral warrior, hiding from both parties of the fight and her own human life.

In the first story, Shadows of Past, Cassandra reveals herself to the Lyoko Warriors to save William from Xanafication. She starts to open her common history with him to the other Lyoko Warriors. But behind the sabre she wields, Cassandra fights not only the AI but also her fears on Lyoko: the fear of returning to Earth and getting caught by her abusive parents whom X.A.N.A. helped her escape from and the fear of William being Xanafied, thus turning into the malicious Dark William who pesters her in her recurring nightmares.

In the second story, Shadows of Future, some things have changed while some have not. X.A.N.A. is still a threat, and getting William seems to have become an obsession to it. The threats of the past may have been put to the past where they belong, but the future holds many threats to Cassandra. Will X.A.N.A. and her fears be defeated and if so, at what cost?

This story was discontinued during Shadows of Past, with whatever story I had in mind told in a separate What would’ve happened? piece to be the end of it.

Foes & Friends Remastered duology

Foes & Friends Remastered is the remastered version of the Finnish Code Lyoko fanfiction duology of the same name (Foes & Friends) from year 2012. Right now, its first story, New War Remastered, is being translated. The Remastered duology is vastly improved and has far more content than the original one does. It’s enough to be said about the new content that the original New War is 26 parts long, while in Remastered I hardly got to the plot’s halfway in that part number, the final number being 67 parts plus prologue and epilogue, totalling 69 parts. The second story, With All Soul And Mind Remastered, is far shorter, yet its remastered version became longer as well.

I ended up discontinuing the translation process almost a third in to New War Remastered as a plot element I could no longer uproot made me cringe too hard to keep working on the project. Therefore, the full duology is only available in Finnish.

When New War Remastered begins, it’s been some time since X.A.N.A.’s defeat. Now, a new student called Alex Starsky enrolls at Kadic to get help from the secret protectors of the Earth: the Lyoko Warriors. So little does the group of teen warriors know how hard a war they are about to get into, when they heed to call for help and return to Lyoko to fight a new evil in the form of a human of their age…

With All Soul And Mind Remastered continues the story of New War Remastered, where a major character is lost, needs to be found and brought back home despite of their amnesia.

Winx Club

The Path of Mysteries

The Path of Mysteries is my newest (and shortest) fanfiction, and one that differs from all the rest: it’s an interactive story with the chapters distributed as .html files. The first chapter was released in full on DeviantArt while the second one is unfinished and most likely will remain so forever. Its most recent version is a public WIP (work in progress) one, released to begin the hiatus that never ended to anything but the discontinuation. You can find it behind this link.

TPoM follows the story of Iridia as she begins her journey to learn to use her magic as either a witch or a fairy, depending on the reader’s choice. The life at Alfea nor Cloud Tower is not easy and with the forces of evil targeting both schools, there is no safe haven in the huge conflicts on Magix. Choices affect the course of Iridia’s life and there’s no telling what leads and where. Iridia can be sure only about her past and the Paladin who saved her life – but who was that man? Can she ever meet him or is the wish just as hopeless as it seems?

Only time will tell anything…

The reason for this story’s discontinuation is the fact that, as I planned it, I met the bane of thorough interactive stories: the intense amount of workload. It turned out to be too huge for me to tackle alone already at chapter 2, and after months of an indefinite hiatus I decided that it was for the best to put this story to rest, as it became clear that I was extremely unlikely to return to this even if I got the resources I would need for pulling this off.


Transformers Armada-Energon trilogy

A trilogy which takes place in Transformers Armada and Energon. Its main characters are Starscream and his trinemates Thundercracker and Silverwind. The trilogy was discontinued after finishing the first story, Behind Armada.

In the first story, Behind Armada, far before the events of Transformers Armada, these three Seekers form a trine called The Three Seekers. These three Seekers fight their way through the Decepticon ranks, hoping to survive to see the end of the war. How can they survive? What do they go through? Or do they actually survive? Is the Starscream we all know someone else than the leader of The Three Seekers?

The second story, The Decade Between, would have taken place in the decade between Armada and Energon. In it, the effects of Behind Armada‘s effects would kick in, leading to the trine shattering the rest of the way with Thundercracker going on his own path and Silverwind joining the Autobots. The third story, Altering Energon, would have taken place during Transformers Energon and started to radically alter the plot of the original series as Silverwind and Thundercracker reunited and fought for the Autobot side. I’m not sure where it would have lead in the end, but I hoped that the story will be better than in Energon. I planned to follow the story of the dub and not the original version, Super Link, because as far as I’ve heard, Super Link is better, and this story is about Energon, not Super Link.

Anyway, as I said, the trilogy was discontinued. For long, it suffered from major lack of inspiration, which led it first being put on an indefinite hiatus after I finished Behind Armada near the end of July 2020, and then making the choice to discontinue the trilogy altogether at the end of Q3 2020 because I felt that I do not want to resume the trilogy’s world anymore now that Behind Armada is finished.

Star Wars

Exceptional Jedi series

While the timeline and history reaches even the time of Je’daii (although such early stories have not been written on the timeline), the written story concentrates on a Veledosian girl Arya Deinden, who joins the Jedi Order at the age of 5 after she is found by the Jedi Master Jedova Wang. Growing up as a Jedi apprentice far away from home and revealing the lost history of her race as the only Veledosian in the Order for centuries are not easy things to do. And under the noses of the Jedi Order, the Republic slowly walks towards its end without noticing it…

Another character of interest is Shinga, a Force-user with Jedi Initiate training who tries to survive after losing everything because of the Galactic Empire. After building a sentient droid, Ascii, to accompany her in her attempts at hurting the Empire the best she can, she has to make the most out of what she has left from her old life: the Force, her two blasters and everything she knows. While some of her early stories exist, more focus was given for Arya to wrap her storyline up someday so that I could concentrate on Shinga more later. However, a combination of the massive timeline and losing interest after seven years of working on this project, I ended up discontinuing the series.

Exceptional Jedi has some alternate universe elements in it, but mostly it follows Expanded Universe canon.