About me

Who is the person hiding behind the icon of a windy silver banana, you ask? The name you will see the most is WindySilver, although in books you will most often see the name N. WS. Jokela (or a variation of it that usually has WindySilver or WS in it).

I’m a Finnish university student majoring in IT (currently working towards my Master’s degree, as I got my Bachelor’s degree in autumn 2021) and a hobbyist artist. Most of the time, I write fanfiction (the currently active fandoms being Persona 5, Transformers and Code Lyoko) but I also write original stories such as the annual Flash Fiction Month stories and my novel series, Greenfield. Now that I’ve released some books on Smashwords, I suppose I can be called an author (which, after years of dreaming of it, feels wild to even think about) and a game developer for having been a part of making and releasing several games on itch.io (another wild thought).

As an artist, I’m primarily a writer, but I also draw art for my stories every so often. I’m better at writing than drawing, but I’m improving my skills at both whenever I can. As an aspiring IT professional, I focus on programming. While I have previously focused on game programming, I am now more interested in web programming, particularly on the frontend side.

Aside from Finnish and English, I also speak some French and German and a little bit of Japanese as well. I can understand Swedish at least somewhat, having learned it at school as a compulsory subject, but I prefer not using it.

I initially started as a more serious artist on the English part of the internet on DeviantArt in late 2014 after some years of dabbling in Finnish fanfiction elsewhere online. Since then, I have grown and matured (which, I’m sure, shows when my first posts are compared to ones from the late 2010s and later). Right now, I’m between platforms because I don’t want to stay on DeviantArt much any longer but don’t have a platform to go to yet, so I’m posting my original fiction here until further notice.