About me

The name I go by is WindySilver.

I’m a Finnish university student majoring in IT and a hobbyist artist. Most of the time, I write science fiction fanfiction (the currently active fandoms being Transformers, Star Wars, Code Lyoko and Pokémon) but I also write original stories such as the annual Flash Fiction Month stories and my novel series, Greenfield. I also release books under the pen name N. WS. Jokela on Smashwords.

As an artist, I’m primarily a writer, but I also draw art for my stories every so often. I’m better at writing than drawing, but I’m improving my skills at both whenever I can.

Please forgive me for grammar errors and all sorts of mistakes up here. Since Finnish is my native language, mistakes at English can happen. I speak some French and German as well.

I initially started as an artist on the English part of the internet on DeviantArt in late 2014 after some years of dabbling with Finnish fanfiction. Since then, I have grown and matured (which, I’m sure, shows when my first posts are compared to ones from the late 2010s and later). Right now, I’m between platforms because I don’t want to stay on DeviantArt much any longer but don’t have a platform to go to yet, so I’m posting my original fiction here until further notice.

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