Doodles and sketches

Most of my sketches and doodles are products of boredom during lessons at school. This boredom art became a series named Art out of Boredom. Usually these sketches don’t lead anywhere, but they’re a nice addition to my visual art collection. Since I haven’t had paper to doodle on with me for a good while, this series has faded out and probably won’t be continued anymore especially since I’m no longer posting much art on DeviantArt.

I also have done some sketches in a sketchbook I bought so that I could do traditional art on the go with a pencil, turning into a series called Sketches in the Sketchbook. The latest sketches have also coincided with Art out of Boredom series as I have done the sketches while bored on lessons. It is likely that this series will also not get continuation anymore since I no longer have many opportunities to do sketches on the go even if I did have the sketchbook with me.

Otherwise, I have done very few sketches aside from the Work In Progress submissions on DeviantArt while making a drawing.

What will be the future of my sketches? Probably fading out completely unless I find new interest in making them.