Against Procrastination

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Against Procrastination is my first proper interactive fiction game made with Twine. In it, you need to clear your to-do list while avoiding tempting procrastination activities.

Against Procrastination features numerous randomized activities, descriptions and variables that make small changes to the description – for example, in the reading activity, the genre variable has 21 different choices while the book type variable has 11! With randomized values for the length of the to-do list and the time you begin your game as well, no session is the same! Or if you do somehow find two identical sessions, you should go catch Shiny Pokémon before your god-level luck runs out.

According to Twine, the game has a total of 7576 words – although you are highly unlike to read every single on of them.

You can play the game on

The source code for the game can be found here: