Project links

This is the compilation page for the links of relevant my projects for easy access.

Original fiction


A sample of the first draft of book 1, chapter 10

The rest will be available when needed and/or all relevant pieces have been posted on a single platform.


Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi series

The timeline page with all the available links:

Transformers Prime AU: The Fate’s Way

Archive Of Our Own: The definitive version of The Fate’s Way

FanFiction.Net: The Fate’s Way (will no longer be updated)

Pokémon: A Wandering Aura series

Archive of Our Own: The whole A Wandering Aura series

Code Lyoko: Lyokostar series

Lyokostar 1

Archive Of Our Own: The whole Lyokostar 1 series

FanFiction.Net (will no longer be updated):

Story 1: XANA’s Return

Story Megastar 1: Even More Alone

Story 2: Surprises and Secrets

Megastar 2: Mary Wind and The Prisoner of Lyoko

Story 3: The Crystal Labyrinth

Megastar 3: What is happening?

Altestar 4: Bad Moments

Story 4: The Search

Megastar 4: When The Lie Works

Story 5: Loss of Memories

Megastar 5: Depending on Luck

Story 6: Wounds That Never Disappear

Megastar 6: Control — OFF

Code Lyoko: Swordwoman of Shadows duology

FanFiction.Net: Story 1: Shadows of Past (discontinued)

Transformers Armada-Energon Trilogy (discontinued)

FanFiction.Net: Story 1: Behind Armada (finished)

Code Lyoko: Foes & Friends Remastered duology


Pre-storyline oneshot: Prisoner of X.A.N.A.

New War Remastered (discontinued mid-translation)