Greenfield is a story about a teenaged girl named Iris Mäkelä who ends up to another world, Greenfield, with her horse Miracle Truth soon after running away from home. In Greenfield, she has to learn to live in a world without technology and learn the ways of a magician with her tutor Matthew and fellow student Thomas so that she can find a way to return to her own world. But as the evil forces of the Night Lord return with their master getting stronger, can she even survive the upcoming months, let alone get back home someday?

Right now, I’m planning to write 5 main story novels and four side story novels.

Greenfield 1: The Change

  • Currently in progress
  • A sample of the first draft’s 10th chapter is available.
  • The current phase: Editing round 1
    • Planned editing rounds:
      • 1: Improve narration while disregarding wordcount
      • 2: Add more words until the wordcount reaches 80000
      • 3: Honing round 1
      • 4: Honing round 2
    • Worldbuilding: No
    • Current chapter in progress: 5
    • Word count: 73815 (rechecked with Scrivener 17.2.)
    • New words in Q1 2023: 1628
    • Pages: 172 (as of the last compilation into an .epub file)
      • Last compilation 16.2.2020
    • Info last updated: 17.2.2023
    • The first draft is done and is now undergoing editing. The editing phase will most likely take up all of 2023 and 2024. The release might be around 2025 at the earliest if things go well.
    • The current planned length is around 80000 words in 20 chapters. This is subject to change, depending on what occurs while editing.