Fractal art is something I’m quite new to. While I’ve generated some fractals with Apophysis, I haven’t gone very deep into fractal art yet. I mean, what I’ve got is nothing compared to the fractals I’ve admired on DeviantArt, even though I like the ones I’ve picked from the heaps Apophysis has come up with.

On DA, I have my fractals downloadable for a small price of 1,2 $ in DA points (a currency used for some purchases there), which is about one euro, the price I want to earn from them. The purchase gives you the license to use the fractal for both commercial and non-commercial uses, so I think it’s a fair price.

Interested to see what I’ve got? Go ahead and see what I have already submitted. Sometimes, due to not having time and energy (or out of procrastination taking hold), it takes a long time for me to get the previous fractals submitted but they will get there eventually.