Short stories

My best short stories between 1000 and 10000 words.

To see my interactive fiction that fits into the category, head to the video game page.

The Ultimate Prank

A continuation to a piece of flash fiction written during Flash Fiction Month 2019, The Ultimate Prank is the story that earned me my first Daily Deviation feature on DeviantArt. It’s a story about a necromancer learning and documenting her necklace’s powers and her granddaughter learning what she had from her notes to fulfil her final wish after inheriting the said necklace. Wordcount: 2327.

To Trust In The Force

While To Trust In The Force is a piece of fanfiction set in the universe of my Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi series, it is a standalone piece I crafted with lots of care and multiple editing rounds. When the two protagonists clash in a way they have never before, they have to figure out how to go from there – and if they even can continue as a team anymore. Wordcount: 9352.

A sample of Greenfield book 1, chapter 10

In August 2019, I took part in a writing challenge that made me progress my novel project with 15000 words. To show for what I had done, I chose a sample from chapter 10, featuring the narrator Iris Unforgiving and her fellow protégé Thomas Wayfarer. The wordcount is 499, but since it is a sample of a longer chapter, I decided it was best put here.

The Lost Bridge Over The Abyss

A contest entry that required us to feature one of the paintings of the user organizing the contest, FaerieWarrior. My choice of painting was Bridge to the Abyss. The Lost Bridge Over The Abyss is an epistolary fantasy-sci-fi story about a journalist duo’s investigation over a bridge project that keeps failing, told mostly through audio logs posted on social media. Wordcount: 1496.