Prose-ject 2020 23: Day 57 of Repairing

The prompt used: delivering joyful news.

It is day 57 since my crew and I had to abandon our underground sanctuary in Germany for the underwater facility in the Baltic Sea after the attackers discovered it.

While most of the refugees were relocated to another underground facility in the country, we made the dive into the Baltic Sea; the facility there had been out of service for decades, but now we needed it desperately. We had to get it back up and running or else we would soon run out of sanctuaries to relocate to when our underground ones were discovered and destroyed.

Fixing the flooding had been the easiest part; the air pumps had been operational all this time, just not online due to getting no power. Portable energy cells had done the trick and the newly pumped air had pushed the water out of the facility, while patching the hull was easy due to the lack of significant damage. The generator, however, was another story: because it had been flooded for years, it was brimming with algae, fish and water. Cleaning it took 11 days as we had to take the whole thing apart and clean every single part we could save. Putting it back together took four days, two more to get it running. Fixing the power lines all across the facility, on the other hand, took nearly 20 days.

The rest has been cleaning and restocking the facility so that we can take refugees. There is still a long way to go for this to be like the other facilities because as of now it’s heavily depending on the supply chain, but for now the most important part is getting it operational enough for refugees to come in. We can add greenhouses and growbeds later, when top-priority things are done.

Today, after almost two months of working nonstop, I have joyful news to deliver.

The Baltic Sea’s sanctuary is online and getting refugees as we speak.

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