Prose-ject 2020 24: The Daylight Beast

The prompt used: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” -Jaws (quote)

We had been hunting the Daylight Beast for a week when we finally found it. For a thing with a hide that shines like daylight even at night, it was far harder to find than we had expected. It was worth it even if it was just to see it, though; it looked beautiful. It was probably the most beautiful monster I had ever seen in person or in pictures. It was a pity that our contractor wanted it dead.

The fight to get it killed was the hardest part. At first, we tried to fight it at night, but it managed to blind us by shining even more. We had to retreat, with Carillie too injured to continue. Kala sent her away with Roux to get patched up at a medical station. The rest of us formulated a new plan and struck at daylight, this time shielding our eyes with equipment meant for traversing scorching deserts.

It was tough, but we managed to kill the Daylight Beast without losing anyone else, although everyone, me included, got injuries. Kala broke his arm, I got bitten a couple of times, Quesnel apparently has a broken rib or two and so on. Luckily, everyone could walk on their own, so we set forth to the medical station after Roux to get patched up before hauling the now dead but still shining beast into the contractor.

After we had been patched up and Carillie could leave, we set forth to the shore to load the beast on our ship.

At the port, we found more trouble.

The sailor looked at the Daylight Beast and remarked, “Ight, you’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

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