The Gauntlet 2021 2: Krash

Challenge 2: Supersonik, Elektronik (1500 words or less): The year is 2000-something and human colonisation of space is well underway. Sadly, the aesthetic has evolved backwards to resemble something like this clip by Zlad!. Space is still pretty much a dangerous place however, and so your story will tell an adventurous, musical and oh, so very sexy tale of getting stranded on a hostile planet. Replace all your hard c’s by k’s and have the main kharakter all their verbs in kompletely wrong places say.

Given we had a good khase for the Intergalaktik Polike. Was our engine shot now, and headed was our kourse deeper into this odd planet’s atmosphere. Was at its end this adventure of money and fame of ours. Forgotten would be we after our impending deaths.

Try I did to save everyone on board nevertheless, just so that have we kould some hope. “For krash-landing prepare!”


When wake up I did, bounked light off the shining silver klothes of my friends’ immobile, bloodied bodies. Played still my musik player musik; must it have rekeived sunlight all this time for power.

Was I where? Know not I did. Hear I did skratkhing, feel I did heat. Alive anyone else was? Know not I did.

Look I did out of the window. A nike planet. Look it does good for an adventure, although frighten me did the gigantik kreatures in the horizon. Appear the planet did dangerous.

Was there something else as well: pretty humanoids, throwing rokks all at our ship. Have not they did mukh klothing, yet all blakk and shiny silver like ours. Very pretty. Very relatable.

Very mukh ours?

Hold they did very dangerous rifles in their hands.


Turn I did towards the sound. Were they inside now, at me brandishing rifles. Aktivate I did the defense systems in response. Think I did that now was I safe.


Was at its end, my adventure.

And keep playing musik did my musik player throughout all this.

Hear I did Supersonik at my last moments.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 26: United

No prompts used.

As a historian, I know for certain that the humanity of old times would have gone extinct, had the Fiirddokha attacked Earth during their time. It’s not just because they lacked the things that are vital for our survival today: the current technology, the facilities underground and underwater and the infrastructure to support them. The people back then simply could not have united their strength for mutual global survival, a feat only their descendants were able to achieve after centuries of feuds, wide-scale wars and so on.

I don’t mean that our society was perfect or without conflicts, but at least we were able to unite when it mattered the most.

I just hope that our descendants will keep the world peace alive.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 25: They turned against us

No prompts used.

One could always wonder whether or not mechs had any souls. The kind of humans who advocated for their rights, for their sentience, is extinct nowadays, however. I suppose they were the ones who died out second — the first ones being those whose lives revolved around mechs — when the mechs turned their self-defense weaponry towards us without a warning.

Or were there warnings? Did we see them but ignore or not recognize them? Did some higher-ups see this coming but suppressed the information because our world relied on mechs, which meant we couldn’t get rid of them without collapsing our society and economy?

I don’t know. I only know that most people don’t care anymore.

We all just want to kill them just as much as they want to kill us, if not even more.

It’s either us or them.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 24: Got to Get out

No prompt used.

Meredith and Connor both ran, praying to whatever divine powers there may be for enough strength and luck to get out of the city.

Other groups had to be warned about this spy-mech. That, in addition to the need to avoid being spotted, was the only thing running through their minds as they took different routes into opposite directions with a common goal they never agreed to have or share.

If only at least one of them got past the city perimeter, there would be hope for the others’ survival.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 23: Failed Scouting

No prompts used.

The scouts were already back. Or more like some of them were.
“They bombed us out of the water, sir,” one of them told. “We lost a squad.”
I knew better than to swear aloud, so I nodded. “Very well. If you’re not hurt, go file a report and get some rest.”

Seems like those bastards located this sanctuary. No wonder we’ve been cut off from supplies.

This is going to be a long day.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 21: Hunting Bounty

The challenge: Get a wordcount from another tribbler and write a story with that wordcount.

My wordcount is 76, courtesy of AmehanaRainStarDrago.

The bounty was big enough for passing the following summer season. If you did not get heavy equipment damages while hunting, that is.

Solonie cursed under her breath. Even with only the critical repairs, the remaining bounty would last until the next spring season. If she fixed or replaced everything, she would have to hunt during the winter season to get money for food.

That would not do. She had to get another bounty this season.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 18: Decoy – Witness

No prompt used. However, this uses another point of view to my story from the day before yesterday, Decoy.

Meredith was not sure when she had started to get suspicious. Sasha had always acted strange, but when Connor left their safety to her while he’d act as a bait so that they would get away, she did suspect that something was off.

As she saw the massacre from the spot she had found after falling behind, she knew had been right to suspect.

Connor might not make it out since his position was meant for getting into the mechs’ sights the moment they noticed him, but Meredith knew that she could escape as long as she did not get spotted along the way.

At least one of them had to make it out of the city and warn the other groups about this spy-mech.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 16: Decoy

No prompt used.

The mechs scanned the area. It was only a matter of time before their cameras picked up my heat signature. I had to be ready — they had to follow me once I took off.

If they didn’t, everyone else would die too. I had to hope that Sasha would be able to get them to safety in time.

Almost there. Ready. I have to be quick when they spot me.

Then they stopped and turned too early. I risked a peek from my cover and felt all warmth drain from my body. I only barely processed my sight before the screams and blaring shots broke out.

My tribe… they… they were there… they… they were all dead… Why were they there? Sasha… Sasha was supposed to…

She… She was still standing, the only one standing among the bodies… But why? Why did they spare her?

In front of my eyes, I saw her peel away her skin and reveal a mechanic body.

A spy-mech.

“In response to the public uproar, the government has dismantled all spy-mechs”, my ass.

Whoever government idiot kept this one safe, fuck them. They just got my whole tribe killed.

The city was already overrun by the mechs. There was nowhere left to run.

It would’ve been sensible to just step out of my cover and get my death over with but… I couldn’t. I had to keep going.

I had to warn the other tribes that there were still spy-mechs out there.

I had to at least try to get out of here, no matter what it took. If I didn’t, humanity might die because of these spy-mechs infiltrating our ranks.