Prose-ject 2020 25: Magic-augmented Items

The prompt used: an unforgettable melody.

The evening we spent at the Midsummer Lake, Ria took her violin out and explained how music-augmented magic worked: the instrument used for it was under normal circumstances a normal instrument. However, if specific melodies were played with an intention and a spell ready to be casted, it would turn into a weapon of magic and cast the spell with extra power and accuracy. Items like staffs that were imbued with magic so that spells could be casted from them were similar, although they did not require melodies, merely understanding of how the item worked and the intention to cast a spell.

Ria told me that being able to use augmented items to cast spells took long training and the basic skill at casting spells normally, but otherwise it was actually quite easy. It did require more concentration than normal casting, but the increased power was worth it if the augmented item was strong enough.

I also learned that weapons that were augmented with magic to strengthen them often were not their normal versions when not in use; they were simply augmented weapons used by those who preferred to fight with weapons rather than spells. The Harmony Blade, which was a hybrid of them, was apparently an extreme rarity used only by the highest-ranking angels: while its main purpose was likely to be an augmented weapon, it still had the power to cast spells in case its wielder needed it and some sort of consciousness to aid in casting if necessary. She had no idea where the blade was from, though, or who might have wielded it before it was put to rest at the forest I retrieved it from.

I had to admit that the Harmony Blade made more sense now; I had never studied magic, so whatever spells I had managed to cast had been successful only because the sword had wanted them to succeed. Since I didn’t have the time to learn spellcasting enough to make much of a difference, I had to rely on the sword to do it for me when in need.

After she had finished talking, Ria started to play a melody she had learned long ago when she had learned to play the violin. I lay back and listened; it felt like the melody was etching itself into my mind at each note.

I had heard that angels were able to create and play unforgettable melodies, but only now I believed those words.

My ears did not lie, not this evening at the Midsummer Lake.

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