Prose-ject 2020 26: Immediate Danger

Couples as my submission for Flash Fiction Fridays Week 4. The prompt used: “I’ll be back.” -The Terminator (quote)

Isabella listened to the ghoul’s breathing. Its back was turned towards her and Mychal, but it would only be a matter of time until it would spot them. It only needed to turn back, walk a few steps forward and turn right.

Mychal prayed silently to the powers that be that the ghoul would leave the room. Isabella clenched her training sword and wished that the ghoul would indeed leave and give her an opening to strike. Her sword would not do much if she did not hit the gaps in its armor, but the element of surprise might just give her enough time to slice its head off.

By sheer luck, divine intervention or a trap being placed in front of them, the ghoul left the room. Isabella peeked from behind the desk to ensure that the door was closed. She let out the breath she had held, relieved; she could not leave the room yet, but at least now they were not in the most immediate danger.

That did not change the fact that they were still in immediate danger as the ghoul was behind the door, though. Isabella had to come up with a plan fast before the ghoul would open the door again. She would not be able to fare against it for long without backup.

Mychal was shaking, her hands clasped tightly together. Even if she was an adult or even a teenager like her instead of a little girl, she could not help in that state.

As the footsteps started to go away, Isabella knew it was her only chance. She whispered to Mychal, “I’ll be back.”

Then she left their hiding place and walked out the door.

The ghoul turned to look at her when it heard the door close behind her.

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