[Sept20] Tribble Month 30: Farewell

Prompt: Farewell

Friat watched as her former mentor, Ezidretim, gasped in pain. She could do nothing. Even the best healers in the whole world could do nothing to save him even if they were right there beside her.

The injuries were too severe.

“Ezi, is there anything I can do to ease your pain?” Friat’s voice was hardly louder than a whisper.
“No, Kindling. Just say with me… until the end,” Ezidretim croaked. “I’m… sorry you had to see me go like this… but I’m glad to I got to train you. Just know… that no matter what… I’m proud of you, Friat Brann.”
“Ezi…” Friat fought the tears. “Thank you for everything.”
“Thank you, too, Kindling.” Despite of the intense pain, Ezidretim managed to put a smile untainted by pain on his face. “Take care, always remember what I taught you and follow your heart.”
“I will, Ezi, I promise.”
Ezidretim could already feel himself fade away. “Burn brightly with the dragons, Kindling. Farewell.”
“Farewell, Ezi, the bright dragon fire that lit me up,” Friat breathed, smiling through the heartache.

Ezidretim’s eyelids fell over his eyes and stayed there. They would stay that way forever.

Once the injured fire sorcerer’s heart stopped beating, tears blurred Friat’s eyes.

Then, for the first time in her life, the fire sorceress wept openly in front of a crowd, her tears soaking her former mentor’s clothes for the last time in her life.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 29: Almost Overwhelming

No prompts used.

The power of the fire was almost overwhelming when Veriwia first started to learn to use it. She had lived most of her life in a settlement with little contact with magic or on the run without little to no contact with a single being, let alone someone who can use magic.

Nevertheless, the others assured her that it would be all right, that she would get used to it in time.

Veriwia decided to believe them.

Surely everything would be all right now.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 20: Possessed Armor

No prompt used.

The armor looked rusty and inanimate but it somehow spoke to Bereth.
“It’s possessed,” his mentor told. “You shouldn’t touch it. It’s eaten more than its fair share of seasoned magicians.”
“Why is it here?” Bereth asked.
“Because some dummy thought that it belongs into a museum even though it should be sealed away until the world produces an exorcist strong enough to turn it into mere armor.”
“You’d be surprised how many museum-goers have been eaten by this thing here during the time it’s been here.”
“Actually, probably not after the rocket crab case.”
“Good. That’s a vital step to becoming a magician who might get less than average stupid bystanders killed.”
“Are there statistics for that?!”
“There are.”

The fact that there were such statistics spoke a lot about those bystanders.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 19: Two People

No prompt used.

“Have you ever heard that when united two people who mix together well form something great?”

I had not, back then.

“Well, Unar, perhaps someday you will meet such people. They might be a duo of strangers, they might be people you know, or perhaps you will meet someone who will form something great with you.”

I recalled the elder’s words one day when I looked at Ria. I had left on my journey alone, thinking I’d do everything on my own, but then I had met her along the way. We had formed a good team. No, a great team.

“If you do meet someone like that, take good care of them.”

Back then, I promised that I would.

I was also going to keep that promise no matter what.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 17: Hot Embers

No prompt used.

The embers were still hot even though everything around it was days old. Magic.

There was a fire mage or a dragon on the loose, although it was already days away. If it was a dragon, it could already be hundreds of kilometers away if it had flown.

The hunter growled. He would catch this being, no matter who or what it was.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 10: Rotted Ice Home

The prompt: Loss

The world as my people knew it is in shambles, turned into mere pieces of rotting ice. I followed the destruction from afar with my telescope from the safety of the island based on rock rather than ice. I wish they would’ve seen reason when I told them of this development in the ice base of our island.

One of the earth dragons I had befriended during my time here came to my side, so I put my telescope down and scratched his chin. “Don’t worry, buddy. I’m sure everyone will get used to this place.”

Many probably would not. They would yearn for their icy home. It was too bad; our island wasn’t the only one that had already gone through this or was going to go through this. The ice was melting and there was nothing we could do.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 9: Humanity

The prompt used: Humanity

What is humanity? Ria folded her wings as she stared down on the human world from the City. How do they differ from us?

She had been asked to ponder those things for her next lesson.

“Looking for humanity?” an older angel asked her.


“You don’t find it here. You need to go down, among them, to find your answers.”

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?”

“It is what you must do if you want the answers. Go, young one.”

Apprehensive, Ria opened her wings and started her descent onto the earth of the human world.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 8: Sense of Pride

No prompts used.

I had seen postcards sent from Inky Academy — the cousin of a child in my village worked there and that child loved flaunting it — but those pieces of paper could not capture its beauty.
“Impressed?” Ria asked. I nodded. She grinned. “This is nothing compared to the City.”
“I can believe that,” I remarked. Ria did not flaunt her home but even after being cast out of there she did have a bit of a sense of pride about where she came from.

Well, we all did in these parts. Maybe it was just natural.

[Sept20] Tribble Month 3: The Beginning of an Apprenticeship

No prompts used.

“I knew Lizbeth was up to something with that necklace, but I had no idea that you were already so advanced with it. Did she teach you in person before her death?”
I shifted, trying to figure out where my hands should be. When grandma’s friend had offered to teach me magic, I’d had had no idea that he was the overseer of magic. “No, overseer. I only learned from her notes.”
“Only her notes? Did you practice before that stunt you told me about?”
“Only with mice and a roadkill bird, overseer.”
“Please, call me Salim. Your grandmother was right when she told me that you could make an excellent apprentice. You clearly have talent.”
“Thank you, o… Salim.”
“When are you ready to begin your apprenticeship?”
I forced a bigger smile on my face to cover my nervousness. “Right away.”
Salim smiled back. “Excellent! I’ll deal with the paperwork today and you can start tomorrow. Please be here at ten in the morning.”
“I will. Thank you for this opportunity.”
“Thank you for accepting my offer, my new apprentice. I look forward to training you.”