Prose-ject 2020 27: No Place Like Home

The prompt used: “There’s no place like home.” -The Wizard of Oz (quote)

They say that there’s no place like home.

I say that they’re right.

I don’t want to complain. The people running this underwater sanctuary are doing their very best to keep us all alive, and the underwater scenery is nice, but I miss my home. I had to leave a lot of my possessions behind either at home, where they are going to get destroyed, or into my personal bunker underground which might go down in flames as well. Those who were not working for museums and such were not allowed to haul much with themselves.

Fortunately, I was allowed to take my computer system with me. I miss my shelves of literature, collectibles and games, but I have their copies saved on my computer — aside from the collectibles, of course; I have images of them instead — so I’ll be able to live without them.

I only hope that the cable systems won’t get damaged by the destruction on the surface. If they do, we will eventually lose all our interplanetary communication networks and get cut off into underwater and underground pockets with little to no contact to others. Most of us have friends and family elsewhere, and the communication cables will be their only way of keeping in touch once the wireless systems go down completely — which will be the first communication system to fall as these fuckers have the habit of razing the surface to a dusty wasteland, which means that all communication towers that matter and are interconnected will be destroyed sooner rather than later.

We have no other choice than hiding here in these sanctuaries, keeping everything valuable alive and undestroyed and waiting for the time to return to the surface and restore our beloved planet, both its ecosystem and our infrastructure, back to what it was.

I hope I’ll live to see that day.

They say that there’s no place like home.

I guess it’s time we make these sanctuaries our homes because there’s no going back to where we came from for a long time.

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