Prose-ject 2020 28: A Break at a Lake

The prompt used: Daybreak at the lake by HGTreescapes.

After some rough battles while trying to get on the other side, we were able to stop at a cabin by the lake at the foot of the mountains we had just come from. Its owner let us in even though she eyed us in suspicion — not that I blamed her; a fallen angel and a normal-looking guy with an unusual sword were a strange sight even when they were not riddled with injuries and looking like they both might have some broken bones. Heck, a normal angel was strange enough to see around here!

After Ria and I got to sit on the wooden floor, she lay down and grimaced.
“How badly are you injured?” I asked her.
“That Hammertail managed to break some ribs,” Ria breathed. “It hurts like hell, but I can’t keep the painkiller spell active anymore.”
“What about your leg?” I asked.
“It’s better since you could put dressings on it,” Ria told. She gave a weak laugh. “I’m more worried about my leggings. I hate sewing even when my palms aren’t trying to make new skin to make up for the layer I lost out there. Not to mention that blood is tough to wash away from them after it has dried.” She took a deep breath. “Y’know, those dipshit ambushers slashed you pretty bad. You ok?”
“Your healing spells were enough. Don’t worry, I’m fine aside from breaking my arm while fighting the Hammertail,” I told.
“Good,” Ria breathed. “If you don’t mind, I’ll take a nap and recover a little. I’ll try to heal more once I’ve rested.”
“I don’t,” I noted and looked at the cabin’s owner.
“I don’t mind either. Take your time,” she said. “It appears you have had a tough time.”
“You’re correct about that, ma’am,” I said. Ria had already fallen asleep, so I decided to take care of the introductions. “By the way, I’m Unar. My companion here is Ria.”
“I am Heide,” the cabin owner told.
“Pleasure to meet you.” I bowed my head.
Heide nodded to me. “Do you need anything?”
“I don’t think I do,” I said. “We managed to patch our wounds up before coming here. The rest is up to nature and Ria’s healing spells.”
“Very well,” Heide said. “I will be in the kitchen if you need me.”
“Thank you,” I thanked.

Heide went to another room, although not without sparing a glance at me before that. I took a deep breath and relaxed. I didn’t want to sleep yet in case of an emergency, but a meditative break would not hurt as long as I stayed conscious of my surroundings. The monk Amadeo had taught me that and much more in my search for understanding of the Harmony Blade.

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