Prose-ject 2020 22: Among Strings of Manipulation

The prompt used: hidden strings of manipulation.

Even though she lacked her memories of her previous life, Louise still knew how to spot the hidden strings of manipulation when she saw them.

However, she did not know how to deal with them — especially when they were all over her and pushing her to different places to do different things. As she got deeper into the mess that her life now was, she could not help but wonder whether or not going to the capital had been a bad idea. On the other hand, she was regaining information on who she had been but then again, she was getting into dangerous situations she no longer had the skills for. It was tough to reclaim those skills even when she was getting retrained by the best.

Why she was so important, she had no idea, but she already knew that the rich in the city had plans for her and she was getting manipulated into it. Now, it was too late to back down; there was no other way out than death, and Louise did not want to go that way after escaping it once already.

She had probably been far too deep in this mess the moment she had set foot inside the capital’s perimeter and thus gone under the influence of the most powerful of the country.

If Louise had only seen a plausible end to this, she would not have worried, but she had no idea what was going to happen once she was ready to do whatever the rich ultimately wanted her to do.

She lied each time she said she was not afraid of it.

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