Prose-ject 2020 21: A Delicious Dish

Couples as my submission for Flash Fiction Fridays Week 3. The prompt used: a delicious dish.

Shade looked at the dish in front of her. It was the most lavish one she had seen in ages; most of her employers did not invite her for dinner, let alone show off their wealth with it when they did. It was clear that this fidgety man was doing his best to show that he was capable of paying the vast sum of money that this hire would cost him.

It was pathetic. Shade knew that no one who could not afford her could reach her; she knew who had the money to pay a hitman, and she knew exactly who had the money to pay a hitman of her level.

However, she did not complain. Instead, she dug in and tasted the fish. Lavish or not, it was surprisingly delicious for what the rich buffoons considered gourmet. Usually, even after years of eating food that prioritized her health above her taste and thus tasted of flour, nothing or cardboard, the expensive gourmet she was served tasted like garbage.

The delicious food did not make the man fidget any less, though. It was clear that he had little idea what he was doing and all the idea of who he was sharing his dinner table with. Shade did not express her emotions about it — it would have been unprofessional. No, dealing with this situation with grace and disinterest would be the best way to deal with any customer in her field, especially since she was less likely to be memorable that way.

Being tasteless like her normal food was being the most invisible in plain sight.

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