FFM 2022 15: Dinnertime

No prompts used. This is a direct continuation to FFM 2022 13: Minimalism.

The dinner was, as Raiyo had expected, simple; it was not like his hosts would put much effort into the extra portion that he required — if the dinners even were more complex than tonight’s rice and vegetables in the first place, which Raiyo was not sure about. What surprised him was the amount of food that Warren had made; were the two planning on having leftovers for multiple days?

At least Raiyo hoped that was the case. He did not want to be indebted for a large amount of food, even if it was simple, cost-effective food.
“Feel free to take seconds if you want to,” Warren said all of a sudden when Raiyo had finished his portion. “It’s not a problem at all.”
As much as it felt like a trap, Raiyo figured it was for the best to take Warren up on the offer both to avoid looking rude and to stave off his hunger for longer. More food also gave him more to do in the silence.

It was hard to tell whether or not Levi’s distance was worrying. The man had never expressed much interest in anything, yes, but Raiyo could not help thinking that Levi being more involved in him staying the night might have put him more at ease. Then again, it had seemed like taking him in had been more of Warren’s idea than Levi’s, so maybe it was not so strange that Warren was the one who was more involved.

Eventually, Levi thanked Warren for the food and excused himself, leaving Raiyo with only the older man. The silence seemed to grow more awkward by the minute as they kept eating, yet in a way Raiyo was grateful that Warren did not even attempt to discuss anything. It saved him from having to avoid any potential prying into his situation, after all. He had to keep it a secret, after all, or else he would wind up even worse than he already had.

By some miracle, Raiyo made it back to the guest room without a single question about him even though he could have sworn that Warren’s eyes were full of questions that wanted to be answered. Still, the man had chosen tact over curiosity and left his guest be.

When he lay down on the bed, Raiyo could only hope that that would continue beyond the night.


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