FFM 2022 13: Minimalism

No prompts used. This is a continuation to FFM 2021 18: Help Offered.

Levi’s home was just as minimalistic and bland as the man himself appeared to be. Raiyo knew better than to say it aloud, though; he had to be on his very best behavior if he was to get through the night without problems. While Levi himself probably did not care enough to contact authorities about his situation in any case, Warren was likely to take action if he was not careful about what he said and did tonight.

Still, it probably was better than dying of hypothermia in the cold rain at the park. At least the guest room he had been shown in was more comfortable than the park bench. He would have to figure out what to eat, however, since he had had to abandon whatever groceries he had picked up to run away from the two (as useful as that had turned out to be).

To his surprise, after a knock Warren appeared at the doorway. “Just a quick inquiry: do you have any allergies or other dietary restrictions?”
Raiyo shook his head. “Uh, no.”
Warren nodded. “Thank you. I will let you know when dinner is ready.”
“Yes, dinner. You’re our guest for the night, after all, and it’s far from proper to leave a guest hungry.”
With another nod and a smile, Warren left.

Raiyo forced himself not to groan aloud. He had no idea what he was going to owe for all of this by the morning, but he had a bad feeling that he was going to be owing a lot.

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