FFM 2022 12: A Change of Heart

Challenge: The story must involve actual travel of sort and the main character should have a change of heart by the time they reach the travel’s destination. Optionally, you can use no adverbs.

After three FFMs in a row without me writing fanfiction, today I ended up writing a fanfic since that’s what I was tempted to do after reading the challenge description. This fanfic is for Persona 5 Royal, although it’s not set into any specific part of it due to being focused on a random unnamed NPC.

You bounced your leg to a rhythm mismatching with the sound of the train’s clacking. If your watch was correct, you had two hours remaining. If you made it, you would be free. The police could not get you at your destination.

To think that you had evaded the police. How grand. Had you not had to hide your true identity (and keep up with the profitable scams), you would have loved to brag about it.

Two more hours remaining. You could resume work when you made it.

You kept bouncing your leg to a rhythm mismatching with the sound of the train’s clacking. This was not the first time you had done this, so why were you feeling anxious? Could it be about the post about you on that Phan-Site? Surely nothing would come out of it; if the police had not caught you, what hope did the Phantom Thieves have, if they even existed?

One and a half hours remaining. You have to remain patient.

One hour remaining. One hour. When you make, it you can… Ugh… What was that?

What have you done? You have been scamming people… But why have you done that? Why did you think that it was a reasonable thing to do?

What was wrong with you?

One hour remaining. When you make it to your destination, you can turn yourself in to the police. Yes, that is what you should do. And that is what you will do.

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