FFM 2022 14: Heist

Challenge: Get challenges consisting of five words to be used to write a story from your other FFMers and challenge other FFMers the same way. Optionally, the five words in the challenge(s) you issue can start with the same letter.

By the time of starting writing, I had received five challenges and I used all of them in some form. The challengers and their words are the following:

  • eV13il – Roar, Rug, Refresh, Research, Rebel
  • bookcrusher – yacht, yonder, yellow, yearn, yet
  • DamonWakes – enthusiastic, effervescent, euclidean, eucalyptus, ewwwww
  • MMBaird – whisper, wisdom, woozy, willow, wasp
  • SubjugatedSandwich – panoply, paranoia, pyramid, pelvis, pug

“Ewwwww,” Masquerade whispered. “It’s just as fugly as I remembered.”

“C’mon, it’s just a yacht with a poor choice of coloring,” you sighed.

“He does have a point, Willow,” Glasses piped up, “it is fugly. It’s a yellow yacht named Woozy Wasp.”

“Not just any yellow, either. It’s piss-yellow,” Masquerade added.

Toon shook her head. “Stop whining, Masquerade. We need to get this gig done soon or else I’m going to miss my flight to Egypt. I don’t want to miss my chance to see the pyramids.”

You nodded. “Toon is right. Let’s go in and get this over with.”

When you led the way in, you could hear Masquerade murmur something about a cracked pelvis and pugs.

Perhaps it had been a bad idea to invite him along after what happened onboard the Woozy Wasp the last time.

Just like the last time, you were assaulted by the intense smell of eucalyptus the moment you opened the first door.

Behind you, Glasses gagged. “It’s just as smelly as I remembered.”

“I wish I’d cracked my nose rather than my pelvis last time so I wouldn’t have to smell this,” Masquerade grumbled.

I resisted the urge to sigh. You were not enthusiastic about this gig either, but you had thought that the (admittedly refreshing) break that you had had to take following Masquerade’s injury would have left the others craving for some action. Guess not.

You probably had to research how to motivate your team when this was over. Now, however, you had better be paranoid about your surroundings and not think about what you should do once you were off the yacht again.

The rugs on the floor silenced your steps as you proceeded in the tense silence that was only broken by the roar of the wind outside. As you looked for small items to nab along the way to your target, you did what you could to ignore the dizzying euclidean patterning on the wallpapers and disregard the paintings with Words of Wisdom™ that used fancy words like “yonder” and yearn”. A painting that combined both and seemed to depict a victorious rebel of the last civil war however was so sickening that you had half a mind to vandalize it just to spite whoever created it. Yet you had other priorities — and Toon would probably break the silence to scold you for ruining someone’s hard work, attracting unnecessary attention to you all again — so you turned away from the offensive painting and led the way onwards, snagging a small bottle of some (hopefully alcoholic) effervescent drink as you passed by the bar. You so needed a drink after this gig.

Unlike last time, when there had been more guards, you made it to your target without having to resort to fighting. The panoply of gemstones was in front of you at last and you left disabling the security around them to Toon. Once that would be done, all you would need to do would be getting out alive and all would be well.

A familiar click above your head had you pause in your thoughts. You looked up only to see the barrel of a gun and a woman in a familiar uniform.

“Aw crud,” Toon murmured. “I’m missing that flight, am I not?”

Widow chuckled, her gun only barely shifting at the movement. “I’m afraid so, Toon. Or should I say Bella Müller?”

“Awwwww crud.”

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