FFM 2022 17: The Morning After

No prompts used. This is a direct continuation to FFM 2022 15: Dinnertime.

Upon opening his eyes, Raiyo was filled with dread and confusion. What was this white room? He was not in a hospital, was he?!

No. There was no beeping whatsoever nor a distinct smell of disinfectant. The clothes on him were his day clothes as well. Wherever he was, he was… probably safe?

After sitting up and taking a look at the bland room he remembered what had happened on the previous day. The grocery store. Levi and Warren. The underlying threat of them sending some authorities after him. The dinner.

The mere idea of leaving the room was terrifying, but Raiyo knew that he had lectures to attend, and another workday would come up soon enough. He could not stay there forever.

He had to face the men who had given him shelter for the night and pray that they did not ask for details he could not give.


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