FFM 2022 16: Wartime Train

Challenge: Write in a genre that you have never or rarely written in. Optionally, you may subvert a popular trope in the genre.

My genre of choice is Dieselpunk and the trope that I chose to subvert is that warfare has become obsolete.

Over the sound of the train’s diesel engine, you hear the sounds of war and wonder hopefully not for the last time in your life if this job was a bad idea. Perhaps you should not have taken it like your wife had suggested in a bout of fear. Still, you had to get food on the table and this was better than going to war yourself (or so you told yourself).

For once, you wish the engine was louder. The further away from home your train goes, the louder the war becomes. Soon, the sounds of it might even drown out the engine’s… and then what?

You shake your head. You have to focus on your job. You will get home safely. You have to.

Something booms and shakes the train. You have to get home safely.

You have to.

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