Course 1, Diary 9: Subvert Part 2 & Writing my course diary


I have my subvert thought and planned. I found the picture I need and downloaded it on my phone. I gave some thought for what I will put and where. That is all I could do on my phone, so I decided to start to write the course diary of yesterday and today on my phone. By the way, if anyone needs a simple writing app from which you can copy the text to a computer, I suggest an app named Writer (it’s available on Google Play store, at least). Copying the text is one-way, from phone to computer, though, but otherwise it is very good and very easy to use.

I had planned to do the subvert today, but I am afraid I won’t be able to finish it, as my aikido training takes away roughly two and half hours of my time on my computer. I wonder what I can do tomorrow on arts lesson…

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