Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 9

Saturday, 11.6.2016

Let’s just say I am infuriated to hell because of my mom’s phone. When a simple turning the app off requires installing the factory version…. Argh! Anyhow, with hopes of relaxing with the fifth day of drawing scales, I started to work.

Näyttökuva (189)

Then I noticed that the scales have been shrinking again………

Näyttökuva (190)

With more infuration that I like to have, I erased and redrew some. This shall continue on another day, for kriff’s sake! I’m done for today! And I still need to start painting that one character…

Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 8

Friday, 10.6.2016

Scales once again. Fourth day in a row. And for a change, a headache from the morning. I hate it.

Oh well, I either exhausted my frustration on SWTOR since I kept losing connection. Then it completely lagged and I had to restart my laptop, which of course thought that it would be appropriate to waste my time on updates which could easily be installed at any other time. Anyhow, today drawing scales felt relaxing. And I can see real progress today.

Näyttökuva (188).png

This is how far I got. I noticed that I was nearing the edge of the leg, and I decided to finish there. When compared to when I last did the scales before starting this drawing streak, I have progressed. When you just do it daily, you get there eventually, that I sure have seen with my writing streaks. :)

Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 7

Thursday, 9.6.2016

Third day of the streak! To be honest, it was today when I noticed the shrinking the scales. Yet before noticing that I continued them a little bit.

Näyttökuva (182)

This far.

Näyttökuva (183)

Well, when you must erase, you must erase. And I erased a lot.

Näyttökuva (184)

And it ain’t like I did much after that. It was a pain to start making scales of the right size, and it became a fairly big source of frustration to me, in cotrast to the previous feeling of being relaxed when making  these. You can imagine that I did not want to continue this much.

Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 6

Wednesday, 8.6.2016

The second day of my drawing streak. Some progress, but I also drew a character for my Star Wars fanfiction, Exceptional Jedi, since a friend of mine has a new story and the first three commenters would get their character to her story. Only when I had finished with the outlines I realized that I could have made a progress diary of that character too. Well, too bad. I guess I’ll just try making a speedpaint of her or something.

Näyttökuva (181).png

But now that I look at this, I can see that the scales have shrunk for no reason. It doesn’t look good. I guess I have to erase a lot of stuff now…

Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 5

Tuesday, 7.6.2016

It’s been a while since I last drew Rikios. The test week ate up all my time and strength, but now that my summer holiday has begun, I am now going to start a drawing streak of Rikios so that I can finish her during this two-month holiday. This marks day 1.

Not much, though. I did not draw for very long, barely half an hour I’d say. I started drawing since I was having a chat on Steam and had nothing else to do meanwhile I waited for the replies.

Näyttökuva (180)

Slowly but steadily the scales are spreading… :)

Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 4

Saturday, 21.5.2016

About half an hour of drawing as I waited for Iwisoft Free Video Converter to finish converting my recordings so that I could begin playing SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic), since I really don’t think my laptop’s cooler could handle them both at the same time.

Näyttökuva (177)

What do you think? Is it going well? Is there something I should fix (other than some of the scales’ lines)?

Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 3

Sunday, 15.5.2016

Alongside fighting with a slow internet connection as I am downloading Star Wars: The Old Republic on my laptop (it’s kriffing huge) I decided to continue the scales. I hoped that it would help my nerves.

Näyttökuva (169)

At this point, as I was talking with my boyfriend on Whatsapp, I asked some feedback from him about the changing of the size of the scales. He noted that the change should be evened, and that I started to do. I also noticed that the “pattern” of the scales had distorted as I had proceeded, as you can see there.

Näyttökuva (170)

First, getting rid of the distorted stuff.

Näyttökuva (171)

Then, getting rid of the scales which got too big too fast. I left some stuff so that I can evenly make them that big.

Näyttökuva (172)

This is it. Now I should seam them naturally here. Seems difficult, though… Lemme think about this thing, because there is a size difference…

Näyttökuva (173)

I am in such a good flow with what I started that I decided to erase the part I had left earlier. It’s easier to get the size change good then.

Näyttökuva (174)

But but but but…. the pattern seemed like its starting to go off as you may be able o see in the previous picture. I erased that part.

Näyttökuva (175)

I sure got to a good flow then but I need to fix these lines a little bit when I am done. I am sure you notice why…

Näyttökuva (176)

I gave it a thoughts and I decided to erase the preliminary scales I had made there. I can continue easily from this. No need for additional stuff or anything that chains the things into something.

This was Sunday’s work. I’ll see when I continue this.

Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 2

Wednesday, 11.5.2016

Ok, I am back home from my school trip. I am tired (it was a long day), but I decided to see if drawing more scales would help me feel at least a bit better; I’ve noticed that my thoughts become very negative when I am tired.

I’ve gotten so far, that for the sake of proportioning I am attempting to make the next scales bigger. Anyhow, I am not sure if I should clean some small scales which are quite dark. What do you think? Should I do that or should I leave them for some premade shadowing?Näyttökuva (168)

In the end of today’s drawing session, I drew some preliminary scales to the beginning of Rikios’s tail so that I know how much I need to enlarge the scales. I doubt I’ll have time to draw tomorrow as I need to write my stuff and go through that history paper of mine. And I should check my French essays before I email them to my teacher, too.

Progress diary: Rikios the Chirein, 1

Tuesday, 10.5.2016

The pictures of this day were taken with my phone camera, hence the bad quality. I apologize for that.

I finally managed to get myself to start drawing the scales. I checked a couple of tutorials and began to draw them the way I draw scales. Here is the beginning:


At this point there are some scales; I began with the tail first, because it’s the smallest spot, and it feels logical to start small and then continue to everywhere else.


It looks like this in the pixel level. The zoom in this picture is 1600 %, but I noticed that I tended to use 2400 % zoom at this point.


It got this far fast. I found drawing these scales quite relaxing, really; it was just perfect to do it in the evening after playing an exciting hour and a half of Star Wars: Republic Commando.


I got this far today. It’s really faster to do than it seems on the pixel level! :D

Course 1, Diary 13: Design a vehicle Part 3


After a weekend of studying chemistry and physics, Monday and the final double lesson of visual arts was to come. I returned to coloring my bicycle, and I finally managed to finish it during the first lesson. I left coloring the dome the last thing, and I really started to feel even more respect towards those who do art on paper and do it very well at that point. On the other hand I’m starting to dislike colored pencils. The next time I buy any pencils, I’m not buying BIC’s pencils. Unless I happen to find wooden pencils among their products, that is.

Anyhow, here is the finished picture. I marked the text spots with numbers on Gimp in order to make translating easier and more understanble to you:


Does the text even show in any readable form?

And the text in English:

1: The best materials and design guarantee that the bicycle will not break easily in normal use and that its maintenance is faster, easier and cheaper.

2: The metal parts have been processed with the best and most ecological means of rust protection technics

3: Nature and recyclability have been thought about in the production

4: The decent springing softens bumps.

5: Many different colors and patterns

–Personal, unique patterns orderable

6: -The lock is changeable

-The thief block is settable

7: The comfortable, softened parts make riding more comfortable

8: Charging spots for e.g. a mobile phone

9: The basket can be changed to a bigger model

10: Space for charging etc.

11: The basic model has a chain lock and a thief block

12: Lidded and equipped with a lock

13: The plastic, shape-keeping dome protects from weather, is detachable, and from certain points foldable for entry and conservation

-In an accident it protects more or less, depending on the situation

14: The dynamo’s electric current charges the battery of a 7-led lamp just in case the power is cut off

-The lamp is easily settable

15: Spare batteries, to which the charge can be stored to for later use, are installable

16: Inside the frame of the bicycle are isolated dynamos which form electricity along with the bicycle’s movement

I think this is my worst work on this course at least by its looks. I was not interested in this exercise and I believe my lack of interest shows along with my bad colored pencils and minimal skills. But at least I did what my limited abilities let me do, and it is good enough for me that way.

Some others were practicing picture analysis for next Monday, when we will do such a thing for a “test”. As far as the practice exercise suggests to me, it will be quite easy. I better worry more about passing the physics course than this visual arts course. In the meantime I wrote this entry and prepared the conclusion entry. That’s it.