Course 1, Diary 5: Self-portrait Part 1


The presentations have been given. Now it was time to move on to the next topic: making a self-portrait.

As was expected, everyone got horrified. “I can’t draw!” many – including me – said. But we are in luck: we can choose any style of modern art or modernism. The portrait does not even need to look like us. And indeed I am not making one that looks like me just to keep my drawing skills from making me look even worse.

The music class is right next to visual arts class, and the music can be heard well through the wall even in the middle of the arts classroom. So I decided to make my self-portrait one where I listen to music. It was going to be a dark picture, telling something about silence and peacefulness. I wanted some feeling to it. So my choice was symbolism. I thought of drawing either a Jedi tunic or an aikido outfit on me (even though most of what was to be seen in the picture was my head).

A discarded idea sketch

This is what I drew. I think it went ok. However, like the cross over it indicates, this idea has been discarded. So the picture of me I used as a reference is now useless. I’m drawing a new one on the other side of the paper.

Maybe I’ll finish that picture someday in some form. Who knows?

If I am using a picture for that, I do need to wear different clothing in it than what I wore during taking the original picture, though…

We were given questions we have to answer. Now I am making a small writing to answer them.

At first I was worried about making this self-portrait thing, but when I heard that it does not have to represent the person who has made it, I relaxed. Of course my original idea could have been a good face study, but using my own face? I’m not really into that.

So I did not want to make it look like me. I had to choose a style which did not require realistic drawing. I first thought of using a style which name I don’t recall now, but my teacher reminded me about symbolism when I told her about wanting to have the emotion coming from my picture, so it became my choice. And symbolism is even clearer choice for the idea I am going to execute for this self-portrait, so that’s it.

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