Course 1, Diary 6: Self-portrait Part 2


Like I said in the previous journal entry, I discarded the idea I had gotten. This decision came after the lesson as I thought about a rough idea I have had for some time. I have wanted to do it for a good while, but I haven’t had time for it. I decided that I would do it as my self-portrait. The resolution to make this picture right now most likely this came from the fact that I am, once again, facing the picture’s depicted problem. It really aggravates me, but I am not going to fall. And actually this issue I am currently facing has lead me to think even deeper about two of my original characters I’ve made for a fanfiction of mine. What I realized was actually astonishing.

But enough about that, I am sidetracking here!

The picture I started to make is a full-body picture, and the pose of “me” in it – it really doesn’t look like me at all, honestly! – is quite easy for me, so I did not have to get any reference pictures (my collage will be enough if ever needed for this one). I am making it – especially its details – while drawing. By Thursday I had drawn most of “myself” there, but it’s still in progress. Due to this Friday being a special day (corvée) we don’t have an arts lesson then. However the teacher said that we have plenty of time to do our self-portraits, so I did not take my picture with me for autumn holiday.

Once I have finished the picture’s outlines, I will post a photo of it along a course diary entry. But not now because it’s not finished enough.

I do hope I will make it ok.

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