Course 1, Diary 4: A presentation about pointillism Part 2


Monday. Visual arts’ double lesson. Starting as the first lesson of the day, right at 8.

It is a good idea to put students to give their presentations to the rest of the class at this very moment. If you want them to have a lot of fails in front of the class, that is!

First one should have been impressionism, but since the other one of the makers of its presentations was sick and not at school, the first one was pointillism. This meant that Eerika and I were the first ones to give the presentation and talk some stuff about the ism we had gotten. It included a lot of fails from our behalf (or at least mine), but how come there would not have been? It was Monday and the time was a bit over 8 AM!

Fine. We got it through (but the laggy computer of the class was not very cooperative towards anyone), it went ok, and so on. Some others had technical problems since we had done the presentations on PowerPoint and the computer we showed them on had just OpenOffice. Lucky that we did not put very much additional effects. And it really is good that I did not take the presentation to my computer to put something additional; I did realize in time that it would be asking for trouble, and that alone.

The double lesson was fully taken by the presentations. One pair who had somehow lost their presentation midway gave their presentation on the next day. Impressionism has to wait until after autumn holiday.

At least that’s over. I really am glad that it is. Getting in front of the class all alone makes me nervous, but having someone by my side really helped. But I really prefer just doing stuff on my own in privacy.

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