Course 1, Diary 3: An art relationship test and art museum


Eerika and I finished our presentation on Thursday, but not everyone else managed to do that. The teacher gave some exercises for those who were ready already, but everything backfired on this Friday: there was a baccalaureate test exercise and the computer mice had been taken for them. Of course our school has desktop computers and not laptops, so we couldn’t do any of those exercises. Luckily at least one pair got a mouse so that they could do their presentation without problems. We got Ipads to do our first exercise: do a test about art relations. Surprise, surprise, it required Adobe Flash, which is not available for mobile devices nor tablets! No mouse to use on computer, no possibility to do it on Ipad. Now that went pretty well, don’t you agree?

The second exercise was to write about our relationship to art to our course diary. It required the test result, which we could not get. I had to skip that for this reason.

The third exercise was about finding information about an art museum of our choice and answering questions about it. First we needed to go to the search of and find an art museum. The link provided in the exercise paper did not work, but luckily the search was relatively easy to find. But then the search did not work when I tried to find something. It started to co-operate with me near the end of the lesson, and I only managed to decide the museum. That’s probably the best, because I would have had to write it on my phone anyhow.

Summary: This was a very frustrating lesson.

All of these things I needed to do at home then. And here they are, all in one entry.

Exercise one: The test. If anyone is interested, here it is (it’s only in Finnish, unfortunately):

I found this test a bit awkward. Mostly I did not find an answer that suits me.

Exercise two: The art relationship test

My test result was this:

My result - Innostunut uneksija (translation provided in the blog text)

Here is my rough and possibly erroneous translation:

An excited dreamer

Interesting, you’re looking for the only right one.

Once you were swept off your feet. The experience stuck to your mind and you wish that you could feel it again.

You are very independent, but you enjoy being between the two. You are a good listener, yet you share also ideas and feelings willingly. As a sybarite you seek and experience new experiences.

You are a bit nervous about beginning a new relationship, but don’t worry: getting to know art at EMMA — Espoo’s museum of modern at can take time.

I really don’t know if this actually suits me. I’m a good listener (at least usually) and I like to share ideas and feelings, but I am not sure if it applies to my relationship to art.

The last time I was in an art museum was last May, when I was in Paris on a study trip and went to Louvre. I remember that my legs were already sore and that I saw some people who had Nintendo 3DS consoles with a map of the museum or something (I have a feeling that they were Japanese or at least Asian… Not sure anymore, though). Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

My group split up. I went with my teacher and her family. We did see a good amount of things: statues, Egyptian things like sarcophagi and so on. We even saw Mona Lisa, but there was a huge amount of tourists, and being the short person I am, I decided to not try to get any closer. I just picked my phone, opened up its camera — there is something wrong with my digital camera’s settings and it couldn’t take good pictures; the amount of light was just too little there for my camera to handle—, zoomed and took a picture of Mona Lisa. I admit that half of the picture is covered by tourists and just a small spot is actually Mona Lisa. That painting is smaller than what you would think!

I think there is not very much more to be told about that. I would have to go through my pictures to actually remember what we saw there, because I certainly don’t remember that much. Enough about this now, though. If anyone wants to ask more about my study trip, please comment or send me a message through whatever way is possible in order to reach me.

I rarely visit museums or art exhibitions. As far as I recall for now, all of those which I have visited have been school trips. I really don’t have time to go to museums, and I am not very interested to do so anyways. If there was an interesting theme and I had enough time and a way to get there, I could go, but not otherwise. I have more interesting and better things to do than make my legs hurt because of something I’m not interested in and which I don’t have to do.

Out of the very little — actually now that I think of it, I may have visited a museum just twice; at least I can quickly remember just two occasions — times I’ve been to museum, I think visiting Louvre was memorable, because that trip was my first trip abroad and to Paris. That trip was unforgettable anyways. I do recall something about the preceding visit to a museum — the local museum on an art lesson, actually. I was on sixth grade back then. There was a photography exhibition as far as I remember. What I really remember about it was that I did not give a light about the whole thing. I just wasn’t interested in the topic. Luckily I had a good friend of mine with me, so I did not have to get bored all alone. Whatever else I recall about it is not related to art and I keep it to myself.

Exercise three: The art museum of my choice

I went to the search and in the end I ended up choosing one. This museum is Imatra’s art museum. Surprisingly it is located in Imatra, which is located in southeast Finland, near the border of Finland and Russia.

Imatra’s art museum’s collections are emphasized on national art from the twentieth century. By the time of writing this entry the current exhibition is about Olavi Heino and Kuutti Lavonen. This exhibition will end soon, though.

Based on what I read from the website of this museum, I think I would not visit it because I am not interested in Finnish art from the twentieth century. And besides, Imatra is far away from where I live now (and it will still be far away after I move on my own to study in a university), so that would be a problem anyways.

I’d say this is enough. Now I need to write the second entry about the presentation on pointillism. That may come up tomorrow. I’m in no rush with this, because the next week is holiday and thus I have lots of time to do what I must do.

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