Course 1, Diary 2: A presentation about pointillism Part 1


After making the Me and art collage we had to make a presentation about one of the isms of 19th and 20th centuries. We formed pairs and the teacher drew the isms for us. Me and Eerika got pointillism. We looked up some information on Monday already and from Tuesday onwards we went to our school’s IT classroom to make PowerPoint presentations about the ism we had gotten. Since I am the one who took up IT during upper comprehensive school, and not Eerika, I was in charge of the technical implementation of the presentation.

There is not very much to be said about it. We learned that pointillism is also known as neo-impressionism, which really helped while looking for information; it wasn’t like we got that many good (Finnish) information recourses by googling “pointillism”. And we tried to avoid using Wikipedia when looking for information, so neo-impressionism got more and better search results. On Thursday we managed to finish up our presentation.

We will show our presentation to the rest of our class tomorrow, on Monday’s art lesson. I hope it goes well.

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