Prose-ject 2020 11: Lost in a Cave

Banner was not sure how he had ended up wandering a dark cave with only a candle as his light. He remembered entering the cave with his research team and doing some measurements, but after that his recollections had turned into a blurry mess up till the point he had become aware of his surroundings and the fact that he had only a couple of candles and a lighter on him.

Prose-ject 2020 5: Song of Fear

My search had now led me to mountaintop ruins at a place where the sky was darkened purple and the air filled with unsettling violin music. The notes struck fear into people's bones — mine included — so no one had dared to approach the ruins after the sky had changed around it.

Prose-ject 2020 2: When Everything Changed

That day was supposed to be a fun day. Olly and I had organized a charity run for us kids with our friends: each participant would pay the one-euro participation fee and we would all race to the top of the hill just outside our town. The winner would get an ice cream of their choice from our local sellers and the money would go to the local animal shelter.