Prose-ject 2020 3: Fearless Cardinal

The prompt used: Angelic Cardinal by RHCheng.

Louise looked at the Cardinal bird flying around her. It evoked vague feelings in her, but she could not put a finger on what she actually felt. She could not even put a finger on what in that bird evoked those feelings; was it the colors, the species or the way it circled around her fearlessly? She could not tell.

Perhaps it was all of them. Perhaps Cardinals like that lived wherever she was from. Perhaps the fearlessness was something she could relate to. Actually, she did feel fearless; she was concerned about her amnesia and how she had ended up in the sanatorium with nothing but her name, a bloodied dress and a cracked pendant, yes, but she was not afraid. When the pain had disappeared and she had gotten clean robes to dress herself in, she had lost every sliver that even resembled fear. When she had gotten outside, she had even gotten curious about the environment around herself unlike most other patients.

Once she had gotten accustomed to her lack of memories, she had started to look into her pendant more. The magic she had felt around herself was definitely coming from it; the gemstone was clearly imbued with powerful magic, although due to the crack it was now leaking out. She must have been in a significant role in the society, but why had no one come to her then? Had those who had viewed her as significant all died in whatever had almost killed her? She had absolutely no idea, and the staff of the sanatorium refused to tell her anything unnecessary about the outside world.

The answers were out there somewhere. Louise was sure of that. She only had to escape the sanatorium somehow.

Someday, she would make it out and find out who she was.

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