Prose-ject 2020 6: The Road to Success

The prompt used: the road to success is lined with failures.

My father used to say that the road to success is lined with failures. As a master swordsman, he lived by that motto and did his best to teach me to do so as well. After he died and I took up a sword to fight for my village, I have done my best to follow his teachings and his motto.

Although, I would be lying if I said that it had been easy, especially after recovering the Harmony Blade and having my first failures with its magic. The sword had a will of its own in a way, and it did not give its powers to the unworthy. Finding ways to prove myself to it had been the toughest part when I had had nothing to start from.

After meeting Ria and taking her with me from the mountaintop ruins, however, it seemed that I had done something right. The magic flowed easier, the movements felt smoother and the blade cut monsters deeper. Each time I made her feel welcome and valid, the sword approved my actions.

So far, what had made me more worthy of the blade had been neutralizing threats to others and helping people in need. The hurtful magic over the ruins Ria had conjured in her pain had dissipated by the time we had reached the nearby village, and people have been able to hike there again since. In a way, I had brought harmony to the world, albeit on a small scale.

I think I’m onto something. After all, the sword must have not been named “Harmony Blade” for no reason. There must a deeper meaning there.

My father was right. The road to success is lined with failures.

And I think I have found the right road.

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