Prose-ject 2020 10: A Bad New Start

The prompt used: an unwanted surprise.

Louise had found that searching for information on her past self was far more difficult than expected. She had apparently been transferred from one medical establishment to another multiple times during the time she had been unconscious until she had woken up at the sanatorium, which meant that she was far from home. The lack of foundation for the searches did not help either; she did not know her last name or any other identifying information, so it was impossible to find the Louise whom she was from the civil registry.

In all honesty, the fact that she had no idea where she even came from or where she had been was the biggest hindrance. She could literally be from anywhere.

Once she figured that it was no use, she decided that it was for the best to just pick a destination, head there and start from a clean table. Whoever she had been was gone, erased with her memories. She had to pick a last name for herself and rebuild her life from scratch.

She picked the capital as her destination and set forth, barefoot and ready to see what she would find. It would take a lot of work to get back up on her feet, but she was ready to do whatever it took to recover.

The cruel truths of life in the capital became apparent to her within days of arriving there. After introducing herself as Louise at a few spots, she found herself with an unwanted surprise: a mob knocking her out and capturing her.

As she waited in the dark, the magic pendant still hidden under her clothes, she could not help thinking about what unpleasant things her capturers would do to her.

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